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Founded in June 2022, theItaly China Council Foundation - ICCF was born from the integration of Italy China Foundation e Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce. The ICCF is a non-profit association that includes both Italian and Chinese companies and individuals.
With its 400 associates and partners producing a turnover of more than EUR 70 billionis the leading organisation of its kind in Italy and among the main ones in Europe. Thanks to its network that includes Chinese, Italian, European and international enterprises and public institutions, the ICCF is dedicated to the development of relations between the European continent and Asia, and in particular between Italy and China. The ICCF is the only platform in Italy that directly involves Italian and Chinese companies and individuals, thus facilitating collaboration and the development of bilateral projects and initiatives.

Our Origins

Italy China Foundation

Founded in November 2003 from Cesare Romiti, the Italy China Foundation in over 18 years of activity has acted and supported institutions and enterprises to promote political, economic, commercial, scientific and cultural exchanges between the two countries. The Foundation originated - integrating, strengthening and complementing their aims and activities - from two important institutions that have been active since the beginning of diplomatic relations between the two countries: the Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (founded in 1970) and theItalo-Chinese Institute (founded in 1971).

From its twenty founding members, the Foundation has grown over time and has counted more than 200 members and a network of hundreds of enterprises and institutional subjects: Italian companies of different sectors, sizes and objectives, active in the Chinese market, Chinese multinationals that have invested in our country, various bodies and associations. Private and non-profit, the Foundation has had important political and economic institutional bodies from both countries on its Board of Directors, including Italian Ministries and Regions, ICE and the main Italian and Chinese diplomatic representations. This presence has strengthened relations with Chinese public institutions, to the benefit of members and their activities on the Chinese market.

The importance of the Foundation's role is also expressed in the coordination work that on several occasions takes place in projects of national interest in bilateral relations. The institutional aspect is also reinforced by collaboration with various bilateral bodies at an international level, such as the Eu-China Business Association (EUCBA). The enhancement of the Italian presence in China, and vice versa, has been supported by the promotion of educational, cultural, economic and scientific events and activities to present Italy as a 'Country System'.

Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce ( CCIC ) is a mixed chamber, composed of Italian and Chinese companies. It was established on 16 October 1970 in conjunction with the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Italy and the People's Republic of China.

The CCIC is recognised by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and is a member of the Union of Italian Foreign Chambers of Commerce. It is enrolled in the Register of Italian-Foreign Chambers of Commerce and is a founding member of the Italy-China Foundation and the EU-China Business Association (EUCBA), the association that responds to the European Union's requests to the People's Republic of China. It has ongoing relations with Ministries, Diplomatic Representations, and political and economic institutions of both countries.

The experience gained over time by the ICCC is a unique asset, made available to Italian and Chinese companies to improve relations and economic exchanges between Italy and China.