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The Study Centre of the Italy China Council Foundation was established in 2010 with the aim of conducting scientific analyses on the main economic, political and market developments in the People's Republic of China. Particular attention is paid to Italy-China bilateral relations, set in the broader context of international dynamics. Recently, the Study Centre has broadened its focus to include nations closely linked to China in geopolitical and economic terms, particularly those that are part of ASEAN, enriching its activities through collaboration with the Club Asiaa non-profit association that aims to strengthen relations between Asian entities operating in Italy, including mixed and foreign organisations, associations and chambers of commerce, and their Italian and international business and institutional counterparts.

Prominent among the Centre's initiatives is the annual publication of the China Reportwhich reached its 15th edition in 2024. This report, divided into two thematic publications, is recognised as one of the most authoritative sources for understanding China's position on the world stage, thanks also to the contributions and sectoral knowledge of ICCF Members. 

Starting from 2019, the Study Centre conducts an annual survey on the experiences of Italian companies active in the Chinese market and, from 2022, on Chinese companies present in Italy. This survey is made possible thanks to ICCF's strong ties with the Italian-Chinese business community, offering each year a detailed overview of the state of bilateral relations, enriched by recommendations based on a careful analysis of the dynamics and challenges that characterise Italy-China ties. 

The Study Centre closely monitors developments in the Chinese economy, which is currently engaged in a complex transition process, regularly providing ICCF members with detailed analyses. These include the "Monthly Bulletin on Chinese Economy"focused on political-economic aspects, and the "China Spotlight', which examine specific sectors of the Chinese economy with potential investment opportunities for Italian companies. 

The Study Centre also collaborates with theICCF Academyamong others, in the 'China Executive Training Program' project, dedicated to managerial and academic training to prepare managers and students to face the challenges of the Chinese market. 

The activities and reports of the Study Centre are regularly presented at networking events and webinars, fostering interaction between the business communities and institutions of the two countries. 

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