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Working Groups

Sharing business strategies and experiences is an indispensable factor in facing current market challenges and conducting profitable economic and trade relations. In an increasingly complicated geopolitical and international context and a macroeconomic dimension full of unknowns, the constant exchange between experts in specific sectors is not only an opportunity to stay constantly up-to-date, but also a chance to make the most of present and future opportunities.

Through periodic meetings and the organisation of ad hoc activities, the Italy China Council Foundation Working Groups allow network members to proactively share ideas, projects, problems and best practices in order to improve their positioning and expand their business. At the same time, the Groups elaborate policy documents and in-depth studies useful to understand the state of the art of sectoral dynamics on the Italy-China axis.

Some outputs of the Groups in 2024

Praxi Intellectual Property, Member of ICCF and co-ordinator of the Working Group Intellectual Property, produced a detailed analysis of the legal and jurisprudential context concerning the use of registered trade marks in China. In fact, in China, the actual use, or mere 'intention to use', of a trade mark is not a precondition for applying for its registration. For a correct understanding of the relevant Chinese legislation and to better protect the identity and defensibility of the distinctive sign and reputation of the owner.
Read HERE.

As part of the Working Group's activities Energy and Environment, a publication on the new Carbon Boundary Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) legislation was prepared. The paper also analyses the position taken by China on the measure, which is in fact an essential element of the European Green Deal. Read HERE.

The Working Group Logistics organised a webinar entitled 'The Suez Canal Crisis: Scenarios on the China-Europe Trade Route' to analyse, with leading experts in the field, the state of the art of the crisis and promote a closer dialogue between companies and logistics operators. The seminar was organised with the support of the Italian Association of Foreign Trade (AICE), the Italy-Hong Kong Association, The International Propeller Club - Port of Milan, and with the participation of Club Asia. Read HERE.

As part of the Working Group's activities Tourismthe Welcome to Italy Access Point has been activated. This is the first information desk providing information, services and assistance, dedicated to travellers from China to Italy, at Malpensa airport. Read HERE.

Working Groups are an initiative aimed at fostering interaction and collaboration between ICCF member companies. We are at your disposal in case of specific requests or new proposals. For more information and membership of the Groups, please contact Dr Francesca Bonati: