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The ICCF network includes important Italian and prestigious Chinese entities, is enriched by collaboration with important entities in Europe and is a founding member of Club Asia, an association that acts as a catalyst for information, collaboration and promotion of economic growth initiatives in the Asian region.

Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CCIC) is a mixed chamber, composed of Italian and Chinese companies.

It was established on 16 October 1970 to coincide with the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Italy and the People's Republic of China. The CCIC is recognised by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy and is a member of the Mixed Chambers of Commerce section. It is enrolled in the Register of Foreign Italian Chambers of Commerce (number 19).

It is also a founding member of the EU-China Business Association (EUCBA), the association that promotes direct investment and trade between China and the EU. The ICCC maintains ongoing relations with ministries, diplomatic representations, and political and economic institutions of both countries.

The mission is to provide assistance and support to Italian and Chinese companies for their strategic development in the relevant areas of interest. The experience acquired over time by the CCIC is a unique asset, made available to both Italian and Chinese companies and businesses to improve relations and economic exchanges between Italy and China.

Since June 2022, the Italy-China Chamber of Commerce and the Italy-China Foundation have been integrated to form the new organisation: Italy China Council Foundation (ICCF).

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Club Asia

Club Asia is a non-profit association dedicated to the strengthening of relations between organisations, associations and Mixed and Foreign Chambers of Commerce of the Asian area operating in Italy and their entrepreneurial and institutional counterparts in our country, as well as international counterparts. Founding members are the Italy China Council Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce for Southeast Asia, the Italy Vietnam Chamber of Commerce, the Indian Chamber of Commerce for Italy and the Italy Myanmar Chamber of Commerce. The Association strives to protect and promote common interests and to spread the image of its Members and their networks in Italy and internationally, taking care of the connection and collaboration with Italian, foreign and multinational Institutions, public administrations and Bodies of the Italian Chamber and Association System.

Asia is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic regions with expansion and diversification intentions worldwide. However, relations with Italy, although constantly growing, are still below the real potential that our country can achieve. Moreover, in 2020, fifteen Asia-Pacific countries signed the world's largest free trade agreement, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), aimed at overcoming trade barriers in an area where a third of the world's population lives and which alone accounts for 30% of global GDP.

Club Asia is therefore conceived with the aim of enhancing the activities of each individual participating Institution and acting as a catalyst for opportunities for collaboration, exchange of information and promotion of networking and economic growth initiatives for our country in the Asian area. Through Club Asia, the intention is to pool the experiences and activities of each participating Institution and its associates, in order to increase, in a perspective of sharing and effective collaboration, the dialogue and cultural and economic exchange between Italy and Asia, stimulating the growth of commercial and institutional relations. In this sense, Club Asia stands as a virtuous example of collaboration between different subjects that share the objective of maximising the relevance of Italian companies in the international market.

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Unioncamere - the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture - is the public body that unites and institutionally represents the Italian chamber system.
Founded in 1901, it implements and manages services and activities of interest to the Chambers of Commerce and economic categories, coordinating the System's initiatives through directives and guidelines to its member bodies.

For the exercise of the functions and tasks entrusted by law to the Chamber of Commerce bodies, Unioncamere shall enter into programme agreements, understandings and conventions with central State administrations, national or local public bodies, promoting and supporting the connection of the Chamber System with business, consumer and workers' organisations.

At European level, it ensures the representation of the Italian Chambers of Commerce in Eurochambres, the association that brings together the chamber systems of Europe.

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China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

Founded in 1952, the China Council For The Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) is a national foreign trade and investment promotion agency.

The main responsibilities of the CCPIT include: 

  • implement key national development strategies and promote foreign trade, bilateral investment and economic and technological cooperation; 
  • pursue cooperation with foreign counterparts for trade promotion; 
  • receive high-level trade and economic delegations abroad; 
  • organising Chinese trade and economic delegations visiting abroad; 
  • manage overseas trade exhibitions organised by Chinese agencies, participate in Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) and World Expo affairs on behalf of the Chinese government; 
  • organising the participation of Chinese companies in trade and economic exhibitions, forums, fairs and other international conferences; 
  • represent national industry and commerce in the field of foreign trade and participate in the formulation of trade and economic policies and regulations, foreign trade negotiations and the development of international trade rules; 
  • providing legal advice, commercial conciliation, commercial and maritime arbitration; 
  • sign and issue certificates of origin for export products and other certificates and documents related to foreign trade, provide intellectual property services such as patent application, trade mark registration, litigation and rights protection; 
  • organising industries and companies to deal with trade disputes; 
  • provide commercial and economic information, training services, etc.

The CCPIT establishes extensive links with relevant international organisations, trade and investment promotion agencies, trade associations and business circles to organise various forms of communication and cooperation. It is committed to improving business services and to contributing positively to the development of bilateral and multilateral trade relations, the promotion of global economic prosperity and the improvement of the welfare of all mankind.

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EU-China Business Association

EU-China Business Association (EUCBA) is the not-for-profit European federation of national business organisations in the European Union, a specialisation and expertise in the exchange of knowledge on investment and trade with China. Currently, EUCBA brings together 20 members in 20 countries representing over 20,000 companies - large, medium and small - in all sectors of industry, trade and services.

EUCBA promotes direct investment and trade between China and the EU through the international exchange of information and the joint projects of its members, providing European companies with a stronger basis for expanding business cooperation with China.

China has joined the global economy as one of its major powers. Combining its comparative advantages with those of Europe through complementary cooperation can contribute to sustainable growth and increased wealth in both regions, and the world at large.

The promotion of fair and equal trade relations with China cannot be sufficiently achieved by national activities alone. Indeed, the EU - rather than Member States - is the competent body for a whole range of issues. It is therefore imperative for EU companies that their views are adequately represented in policies and decision-making processes at both EU and Member State level.


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EU SME Centre

EU SME Centre is an EU-funded initiative to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from EU Member States and countries participating in the Single Market Programme by preparing them to do business in China.

The main mission of the project is to facilitate market access and provide a full range of free first-line services to inform, advise, train and connect SMEs. The Centre forms partnerships with business support and trade promotion organisations to bring its services and expertise to European SMEs from all sectors.

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SPICI srl - Società per l'Innovazione, la Cooperazione e l'Internazionalizzazione (Society for Innovation, Cooperation and Internationalisation) is an Open Innovation hub and promoter of the Naples Technological Pole 'Italian Innovation Factory'. The mission of the company is to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the public and private production system of Southern Italy by supporting development and innovation paths of its ecosystem on international markets, through digital.

SPICI offers advanced solutions, programmes and services for digital transformation, business creation and development, internationalisation, for enterprises and PA. The company is organised into 4 divisions:

  • Fabritechdevelopment of customised digital applications, products and systems and specialised consultancy services on digital transformation issues;
  • Internationalisation: accompanying SMEs to access and operate in foreign markets;
  • Acceleration: specialised business development services for the creation and development of innovative start-ups;
  • Open Innovation and European ProjectsDevelopment of technological and social innovation and internationalisation projects and programmes.

SPICI specialises in three sectors: Cultural and Creative Industries, Green Economy and Blue Growth.

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Founded in Milan in 2012, the Italy-China Entrepreneurs Union (UNIIC) promotes and protects Chinese entrepreneurship in Italy, with the aim of fostering cultural integration, collaboration between public and private entities, and socio-economic exchanges with realities that share the same values.
The UNIIC Association organises events, cultural initiatives, fundraising, awareness-raising campaigns and conferences, thus fostering the transmission of knowledge and creating better relations between people and different cultures.

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