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Our Team

The ICCF team

Our staff is at your disposal to provide assistance, business advice, analyses and studies, and company training courses. Contact us!

Marco Bettin

General Manager

Federico Pasini

Head of Operations

Alcide Luini

General Affairs

Raphael Cooper

China Delegate

Francesco Boggio Ferraris

Academy Director

Alessandro Zadro

Head of Study Centre

Alessandra Sartoretti

Head of Corporate and Membership Dept.

Francesca Bonati

Corporate Training Coordinator

Lan Pang

Commercial Dept. Manager

Fu Lu

Service Dept. Manager

Francesca Colombaretti

External Relations

Silvia Cravotta

Media and Communication

Davide Orlandi

EU Projects Manager

Emma Guarnaschelli

Research Analyst

Francesca Demori

Management Secretariat

Maria Cuccia

Association Relations

Martina Buzzatti

Academy Secretariat