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Italy China Council Foundation is an official partner for the promotion of the second edition of the China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE), in Beijing from 26 to 30 November 2024.

The second CISCE will focus on 6 key supply chain lines:

  • Advanced manufacturingThe entire industrial chain of global advanced manufacturing, ranging from front-end R&D and design, to the application of new materials and the processing of key components, all the way to intelligent Clean Energy production.
  • Clean Energy: new clean energy technologies, products and trends, promote the complementary and integrated development of multiple energy sources and contribute to the realisation of low-carbon development goals.
  • Smart Vehicles: key technologies and products in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the intelligent vehicle industry, focus on the innovative development of electrification, intelligence and networking, and improve cooperation, cross-border integration and resource sharing.
  • Digital Technology: cutting-edge digital technologies, solutions and applications that enhance various sectors, presents the key connections and content of the digital industry and promotes the deep integration and enhancement of the digital economy with the real economy.
  • Healthy Life: key health and lifestyle products, technologies and services, including traditional Chinese medicine, promoting the integration and development of various sectors of the health industry.
  • Green Agriculturethe entire agricultural industry chain, from 'field' to 'table', which can be divided into three sections: upstream agricultural production, midstream processing, downstream products and their distribution.

Supply chain servicestechnological innovation and industrial upgrading of modern logistics, providing digital, integrated and low-carbon solutions and management for the global supply chain.

In addition, special forums and various support activities will be organised, including investment promotion, matchmaking between supply and demand and the presentation of new products.

Distinctive advantages:
- High-level dialogue between government and business
- Efficient matching for international cooperation
- High-quality promotion for international brands
- High-level platform for new product launches
- A business matching platform that makes full use of data resources to improve the market-oriented investment promotion mechanism and strengthen the matchmaking service.

Click here to download the CISCE documentation:
CISCE Concept Paper
Application Form_CISCE2024

Raw space 300 euro/㎡
Standard cabin Euro 3000/9㎡
Early Bird Price (effective until 1 June 2024)
- EURO 225/㎡ for raw space
- EURO 2250 / 9㎡

■ Deadline for applications: 1 September 2024
■ Send your applications to
For more information call 02-72000000 (ICCF Sales Office)