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AML and Compliance Officer in Milan

TitleAML and Compliance Officer
DepartmentLegal and Compliance [(KYC Unit)]. Supervisor: Head of Legal and Compliance Department
Supervised function (s)N/A
Institution: ICBC (Europe) S.A. - Milan Branch
Work Place: Italy

Job purpose
The resource will support the KYC Unit, the Head of Legal and Compliance and the other Staff to complete regular activities and controls and specific projects.

Major duties and responsibilities
1. AML Watchlist screening (real time): review, approve or reject on daily rhythm controls on the potential hits generated by Compass, GDMS and/or any other relevant system as a result of the check over the national/international blacklists;
2. AML Watchlist screening (batch portfolio control): review, approve or reject on regular rhythm the potential hits generated by the screening of the portfolio over the national/international blacklists;
3. AML KYC reviews (including CRS and FATCA): support the completion of the compliance second level controls over the KYC/Customer Due Diligence (Corporate and Financial Insitutions), the closure reviews (Corporate and Retail) and any other event driven customer review;
4. AML Risk profile: monitor through Brains the complete and accurate AML risk profiling of the customers, conduct the appropriate investigations and controls, complete the reviews on the systems and propose the necessary amendments and the relevant corrections;
5. AML Transaction monitoring manage on daily rhythm the Siron cases, conduct controls and investigations to assess the appropriateness and compliance of the customers transactions, liaise with the relevant functions to retrieve and analyse the appropriate documentation, propose the appropriate solution to close the alerts and report any potential/actual issue or suspicion;
6. AML: support the Head of Department and the specialists to complete the regular periodical reporting to the General Management, the Headquarters, the Head Office and any other relevant reporting;
7. AML local regulatory reporting: with specific reference to the AML "AUI" Register, manage the data downloads, inputs, controls and reconciliation between AUI and FOVA; analyse and provide the technical instructions to the first line departments in case of new reporting principles or improvements for the modification of extraction rules, FOVA system; data download, verification, reconciliation, transmission for biweekly SARA reporting and Bank of Italy inquiries; execute the diagnostic tool controls and manage any remedial actions; act as contact point for the AML reporting with supplier and outsourcing companies. Support the Head of Department and the KYC Unit staff to conduct all the necessary activities, controls and investigations referred to other regulatory reporting (including but not limited to the annual Legal Representative Attestations and questionnaire, AML Self-assessment, investment services and customer complaints report);
8. AML policies and procedures: support the Head of Department and the KYC Unit staff to draft, update or amend the relevant local procedures and to implement the policies issued by Head Quarter and the Head Office; support the drafting of the internal communications and the setting-up of clear instructions to instruct the relevant functions about the significant changes and amendments;
9. AML regulatory changes: support the Head of Department and the KYC Unit staff to promptly identify the law and regulatory changes; support in summing-up the key changes and amendments; support the drafting of the internal communications and the setting-up of clear instructions to guide and advise the relevant functions about key changes;
10. AML IT Systems: test and monitor the status for the implementation to AML and Compliance systems - focus on GWPS, GAML/BRAIN and Siron Tonbeller;
11. AML controls, monitoring and reviews: support the Head of Department and the KYC Unit staff to design, execute and document the appropriate controls to ensure effectiveness and adequateness of the first line of defence, identifying issues and proposing the necessary remedial actions and supporting the implementation of remedial actions; focus on the AML activities.
12. AML projects: support the KYC Unit and the Head of Department and the KYC Unit Staff to ensure the timely, accurate and comprehensive execution of the relevant actions and projects aimed at improving the AML internal governance and the control system and ensuring the compliance to the new regulatory requirements (AML IV EU Directive, etc.);
13. AOB: execute any other task or job assigned by the Head of Legal and Compliance Department.

Other activities and responsibilities, in addition to those mentioned above, may be entrusted to the function holder.

Requirements to access this function
- Education requirements:
University Degree in Economics or Law
- Work experience requirements:
- At least 2-3 years of experience in European Financial Institutions
Knowledge / Technical Skills
Knowledge, skills, mastery of tools and necessary abilities for carrying out activities
1. Good knowledge of AML Regulation
2. Ability to analyse complex cases
Interpersonal skills
Professional behaviour expected at the function
1. Self-driven and proactive
2. Sense of discretion and confidentiality
3. Good communication skills, team working and problem solving
Language skills
Language levels required for the function
English : fluent
Chinese : optional
Italian : fluent
Other language : optional

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