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ICBC Milan – Job ad for document manager, native Chinese speaker

Document manager oversee the company’s technical documents to ensure a cohesive voice representing the company and its message and is responsible for creating, maintaining, releasing storage, sharing, transmission company documents and filling, storage and destruction.

The document manager is responsible for control, security, accessibility, and timeliness of project related documents. Defines and implements a document management system on the base of common office applications and/or specialized software.

The role needs to ensure that all documents are properly managed and maintained in accordance with company policies and industry regulations making sure all documents are available in English, in Italian if required.

The role supports the Project Manager and ensures that all documents are readily available, easily accessible and up-to date to the latest revisions. Control of completeness, identification of missing/erroneous documents, soliciting suppliers for maintaining contractual document supply and deadlines.[/vc_column_text]

Required Skills/Abilities:

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Chinese and English
· Good proficiency in Office applications and CAD (ACAD 2D, 3D and similar)
· Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
· Basic understanding of laws and regulations regarding document management.
· Excellent analytical skills and technical understanding of process plants.
· Engineering (or equivalent) degree
· Work experience not required, neo-laureate welcome, optionally 1-3 years in technical profession, engineering, compliance, QM
· Languages: Chinese (native language), English (excellent), Italian (proficient)

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